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Big corporations get it. All it takes is one costly lawsuit to realize it makes much more economic sense to make the smaller investment up-front and get your contract done right.

A contract professionally prepared by a licensed attorney significantly reduces your risk of costly contract disputes down the road.

When contract disputes end up in court, everyone knows, there’s only one winner – the litigation lawyers. They charge hundreds of dollars an hour and they can’t expedite the court process. Contract disputes often involve lengthy and expensive pre-trial procedures, not to mention the actual costs of trial (attorney costs and fees, expert witness fees, etc.). Then, there’s the biggest expense – YOUR TIME. If you’re lucky, a court case will get resolved in about a year.

Why go through all that aggravation when you can take the prudent course and have your contract prepared right, significantly reducing the risk of a dispute? And if there is a dispute, you’re ready for it because your professionally prepared contract will have agreed upon provisions spelling out how disputes are to be resolved in a timely and efficient manner, without having to go to court.

Licensed contractors: Why jeopardize your license by using a cookie-cutter contract form you found off the internet, which your customers/clients can easily dispute because it doesn’t contain the necessary provision or have the required detail?

Small business owners: Do you realize that if you provide the contracts to your clients and customers, any ambiguities or questions in that contract will likely be interpreted by a court against you?

Why take that risk when you can have a professionally prepared contract with clear, straight-forward language, containing all the provisions you need to protect your business, without the confusing, non-applicable language you don’t need.

Guess what? It’s not as nearly expensive as you might think and it will save you countless dollars in the long run.

Call Samuel Law Office and let us get started on one of the wisest decisions you could make for your business.